Franchise – We are franchise modal. We provide franchise opportunities all over India and internationally we retail outlets. A franchise is helping to grow quickly. We believe in something for everyone and we are offering that to all.

We deal in two types of franchises FOCO and FOFO.

FOCO– In the FOCO model, the initial set up costs are borne by the franchise. The running costs are borne by the company and in return, the franchisee receives a minimum guarantee or percentage of income earned. The franchise owns the business, and the company will be responsible for taking care of everything needed to operate it and run the outlet, such as marketing, advertising, logistics, electricity, employee wages, rent and more. The franchise owner must also pay a fixed percentage of the profit shares.

FOFO– In the FOFO model, the company basically rents out the brand to the franchise for a particular non-refundable sum and for a pre-agreed time period. Prices and merchandise are decided by the company.  Though, the company provides a few things similar to the FOCO model, say marketing in national media say print and electronic. But, this model franchise is the owner of the store, so all the operational cost has to be borne by the franchise itself. The Franchise has to provide an assured of minimum guarantee or percentage share of revenue to the company.

How to join us as a franchise partner

If you want to become your boss, don’t wait to come and associate with us as a franchise partner. We provide low investment franchise with high ROI anybody can easily take our paan franchise with just simple steps

Step 1: Contact the company via a phone number or email and send in your details as directed. brief your plan and your profile which our management will review.

Step 2: Franchise buyer’s capital must meet the requirements for agreement.

Step 3: The required franchise fee must be paid at the time of the agreement

Step 4: After signing the agreement, we take up to 25 days to launch the franchise.

What we offer

  • Business starter kit
  • Material And Staffing Support
  • Predefined menu
  • Regular Research and Development of new Flavours of Sattu
  • Backup support for staff & Material
  • Social media promotion
  • Online event & marriage booking from the company website
  • Regular visit by the Marketing manager

Token details
Booking for at least 11000 Rs. locations given by the partner on booking amount will be reserved for 20 days as the company. If the agreement is not made within the time limit (20 days) given by the company, then the company is completely free to franchise to another person. Token Amount 50% is refundable only.

Agreement process
The shop must be final before the agreement, at the time of the agreement; it must be ready payment by the partner. The company cannot make an agreement without payment. No excuses after signing the agreement from the partner side.

Payment terms – We accept payment through all digital mediums and cards.

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