About Sattu Sharbat

With the idea of making a difference, we imagined Sattu Sharbat. A company that aims to spread care, love and health. In sattu sharbat, we believe that roots matter, and to go far and beyond in life, roots are important. We come from a school of thought that is about tradition, values and goodness. With small steps today, we will spread smiles and happiness today, tomorrow and forever.

Sattu sharbat is the idea of ​​care, the idea of ​​happiness. Sattu sharbat is our first step in the journey to maintain contact with our roots, tradition and goodness. As we said, for us Sattu Sharbat is an expression of care, an expression of a good soul. Expression of love. More than a product, it is a feeling. We believe that, with a glass of sattu and a little determination, you can do whatever you want to do. When you start, don’t forget to go through the mystery for those who matter to you.

We are dealing in-retailer ship and distributorship both. You can buy raw material or franchise. If you are interested in both, you can go for it.


Our mission is to serve our customers the best quality delicious sattu through authorized outlets and maintain hygiene, taste, quality in every product served by our partners. And try to live our culture and tradition to the next generation and want to give as many franchise opportunities as possible.


Our vision is to establish the Sattu Sharbat in all over India along with the International market to serve delicious and healthy Desi Sattu to our customers. We have a clear motive to support our partnership with the best way to establish their business in the right direction. We have created a franchise and retailing ship model to invite the business opportunity for start-ups to set their own business cost-effectively with high margin. We focus on a product line which is a need for customers while keeping their expectations and budget. And every customer easily gets the flavour Sattu Drinks & Other Sattu dishes with the best desi ingredients anywhere “sattu sharbat near me”.

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